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Zhan Zhuang Qigong

Zhan Zhuang Qigong (pronounced Jam Jong Chi Kung) is an ancient Chinese health system which is based on a series of static postures. It is best translated as ‘Standing Like A Tree’, which is the term given to this fascinating art by Grand Master Lam who introduced it to the West in the 1980’s. You literally stand and grow just like a tree. With no strain you grow naturally from within, and in the process learn how to become relaxed and stable in both body and mind.

“At first, the effects of Zhan Zhuang work inwardly, and are personal. Later, they become stronger, and are noticeable from the outside. This is much like a tree grown from a seed, small at first, yet finally providing shelter and sustenance to huge variety of life.” – Sifu Tony Dove



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Dragon Nation covers everything from weekly community lessons to personal training and corporate classes.

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Zhan Zhuang increases the body’s capability to heal itself, therefore all manner of health conditions can be improved by this amazing art.

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When learning anything, it is very important to consider from whom you will be learning. Before drinking water, it is best to consider the source

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