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“Through regular practice it can help: relieve stress, tension and anxiety; relax and calm the mind; improve posture, balance and co-ordination; improve circulation, develop strength, stamina and flexibility”.


All things excellent take time

This old proverb is very appropriate to Zhan Zhuang (standing like a tree). Like a great tree we take time to be still and slowly grow from within. There is no hurry, no competition and yet inside a thunderstorm begins in our innate energy.

We cannot expect instant results (and it is not a ‘miracle-cure’) nor can we achieve great things from half-hearted effort. Throughout the art’s history it has been treated as a great treasure, even as a secret, passed down from teacher to student who could understand its worth and be entrusted with its development. These individuals dedicated their lives to develop the art into what it is today.

Of course, we cannot all be expected to match such commitment, but whatever our circumstances, if we use what time we can spare we can start to unlock the benefits of this system.

The art is subtle and yet profound, simple in concept yet vast in detail. With personal practice you have the possibility to gain healing, stillness, happiness and joy.



Dragon Nation Stand Like A Tree


Dragon Nation covers everything from weekly community lessons to personal training and corporate classes.

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These simple exercises are based on a series of static postures, and with dedicated personal practice are the secret key for a healthy and happy and joyful life.

Dragon Nation Standing Like a Tree


When learning anything, it is very important to consider from whom you will be learning. Before drinking water, it is best to consider the source