Effects of Qigong in preventing bone loss for middle-aged women

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Qigong and the Prevention of Bone Loss for Middle-Aged Women

“standing alone and unchanging is the source of all power. The energy of the cosmos is inexhaustible.”

In an era of increasing speed and anxiety, more and more people are turning to the quiet power of qigong (chi kung). This ancient art is now more widely practised than in any previous time in history, as people seek an antidote to the stress and disorders of ‘modern’ life.

Zhan Zhuang (Jam Jong) qigong is one of the most powerful forms of exercise ever invented. Yet it involves almost no movement.  Zhan Zhuang literally translates ‘to stand like a tree’. Like a tree you are completely still, rooted to the power of the earth and completely open to the energy of the universe.

The art of cultivating internal energy has been passed down in an unbroken line of master and student that goes back 27 centuries. The great sage, Lao Tse, who is said to have composed the  Tao Teh Ching, described the early qigong practice “standing alone and unchanging is the source of all power. The energy of the cosmos is inexhaustible.”

The influence of qigong is also reflected in one of the earliest medical manuals, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which speaks of the remarkable health and longevity of the sages who preserved their vital spirit. This experience of Chinese medicine proves that the methods of the qigong science and practice for increasing the inner energy through training represent one of the most natural, certain and effective ways of prevention and treatment of many diseases and disorders.

Effects of  Qigong in the Prevention of Bone Loss for Middle-Aged Women

The osteoporosis (deterioration of bone tissue) is becoming a more and more increasingly occurring disease, which leads to risk of fractures, particularly of the hip, spine and wrist.

The Western medicine defines as one of the main causes of the disease the abnormal metabolism: the insufficient reserves of calcium in the bones, fast lost of mineral and vitamin content in the bone tissue due to shortage of oestrogen formation and other hormones in the body.

The Chinese medicine examines two factors as main causes of osteoporosis: deficiency of energy (qi) in the kidneys and disharmony between the functions of the spleen and stomach.

The energy deficiency in the kidneys is the most important precondition for developing osteoporosis. It is manifested in such symptoms as an overall weakness and fatigue, pains in the lower back, waist and knees; easy bone fragility, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, frequent urination, night sweating, dry mouth, sensitivity to cold, cold extremities, and asthma.

According to the principles of Chinese medicine and qigong therapy, the kidneys are in charge of the condition of body fluids, part of which are used for the formation of bone marrow. The bone marrow nourishes the bones and maintains them healthy and strong. That is why, in the ancient medical treatises of China it is said that “the condition of the kidneys defines the condition of the bones” and “the kidneys stimulate the formation of bone marrow”. If the vital energy and the body fluids are insufficient, then the bone system would suffer as well, and there will present conditions for developing osteoporosis and fragile, soft bones with frequent fractures even in the lightest traumas.

If the roots of a tree are strong, then the trunk and the branches would be strong and unbreakable. The same happens within the human body: the kidneys represent the roots that give power to the bone system (the branches) and the whole body.

Qigong is valuable for promoting and maintaining the health status of middle-aged women.

Zhan Zhuang Qigong Dragon Nation

A 12-week Baduanjin qigong training program was carried out to see the effects of Qigong in preventing bone loss for middle-aged women.

An experimental design was adopted, and subjects were assigned randomly into an experimental group (n = 44) and a control group (n = 43).

The experimental group received a 12-week Baduanjin qigong training program, whereas the control group did not. Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and bone mineral density (BMD) were measured before and after the intervention.

The results showed significant differences in IL-6 (t = -5.19, p < 0.000) and BMD (t = 1.99, p = 0.049) between the groups. Baduanjin reduced IL-6 and maintained BMD in the experimental group. In conclusion, this study demonstrates promising efficacy of Baduanjin in preventing bone loss commonly occurring in middle-aged women.

Thus, qigong is valuable for promoting and maintaining the health status of middle-aged women.

It increase of energy circulation within the body enhances the quality of the inner organs and their activity, improves and strengthens the bone marrow, straightens the position of bones and joints, removes the pains and the pathogenic conditions. Day by day, the qigong practitioners become more vital, more capable of working and rejuvenated.

Individual one to one sessions or group workshops are available for those with specific needs or wish to learn deeper levels of this art. Please contact Jack for details.

‘Osteoporosis and Chinese Medicine’ by Anna Pecheva

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